Kinetic Metallization: Powder Preparation Equipment

Powder Preparation Equipment

Inovati supplies equipment to prepare powders prior to the Kinetic Metallization deposition process. The equipment includes a vacuum furnace, a vacuum pump, an ultrasonic powder blender and a powder scale.

The vacuum furnace has a capacity of 0.6 cu. ft.. The exterior dimensions are 14.25" x 19.5" x 22.25" (36.2cm x 49.5cm x 56.5cm). The maximum temperature is 210 C. There are 3 shelves supplied with stainless steel pans for drying powders prior to deposition. It is attached to a 1/4 HP vacuum pump to pull out any moisture within the furnace.

The ultrasonic blender is used to evenly mix powder formulations prior to deposition. It creates a uniform distribution of powder in a single blend allowing for a consistent coating using the KM process. The powder scale is also included in this equipment. Its primary use is to measure and calculate the proper powder feed rate through the powder fluidizing units.