Kinetic Metallization: Coatings Once Thought Impossible

Amorphous Al






Amorphous Aluminum

Amorphous aluminum is an aluminum base material alloyed with transition and rare earth metals. This affordable material with exceptional strength and stiffness is currently being researched for various aeronautical and space systems. It is expected to yield large benefits in these areas with its reduced cost and increased strength.

It has exceptional properties, including high specific strength and improved structural efficiency, which decreases the system's weight. It is not only an affordable material, but it can also reduce the part count in a system, which lowers costs significantly. It also has some unusual corrosion behavior, which is the result of a lack of grain boundaries. Grain boundaries on an otherwise corrosive-resistant material can form a ready path for corrosion to attach. These grain boundaries are often the Achilles' Heel of materials that are otherwise strong and sound.