Kinetic Metallization: Coatings Once Thought Impossible

316 Stainless Steel

Low Temperature: < 800 deg F

Environmentally Safe: No Carcinogens

Fully Dense: 99%

KM benefits vs. HVOF

  • Low Temperature
  • Low Cost
  • Highly directed
  • Environmentally safe
  • No soundproofing
  • No grit blasting
  • No explosive gas

KM 316 SS Characteristics

  • Near Zero Porosity
  • High adhesion strength

KM 316 SS

Inovati’s Kinetic Metallization (KM) process has the advantage over other techniques for applying 316 Stainless Steel in that it achieves high density coatings and a resilient metallurgical bond without resorting to high-temperature, vacuum heat treatments. Inovati’s deposition process also mitigates the amount of precipitation and segregation of the coating constituents, which gives a more chemically consistent and sturdy surface. Because it is a very precise and directed process, KM reduces the need for masking of the part, and in some cases outright eliminates that need. This allows for sizable savings in labor, which increases throughput.