Kinetic Metallization: AMAD Repair

KM Benefits

Environmentally Safe

Low Cost

Low Temperature

On-site or Enclosure Repairs

No Soundproofing

No Explosive Gas

ISO 9001 Compliant

Application Areas

Corrosion Damage

Wear Damage

Sealing Surfaces

Shaft and Surface Repair

Casting Repair

F/A-18 AMAD Repair

Kinetic Metallization™️ has been successfully employed to repair AMAD (aircraft mounted accessory drive) gearboxes for the F/A-18, including damaged oil ports and hydraulic pads. Sections are dimensionally restored with Al-Trans®️ and machined back to original specifications after being damaged or even broken off completely. Before NAVAIR had a KM System, gearboxes were discarded if they were damaged beyond normal wear and tear, and replacement was costly and time consuming. Using Kinetic Metallization, gearboxes can be repaired for 3% of the OEM cost, and F/A-18s are now flying 15 months sooner. If large sections are missing, Kinetic Metallization is used as an additive manufacturing process to shape the metal parts.