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MMC Stiffening

Kinetic Metallization™ is used to create freestanding structures and to add features to parts. KM equipment rapidly deposits material in a highly controlled manner and is integrated with a robotic motion control, making it ideal for additive manufacturing.

The narrow deposition beam allows for excellent dimensional control. Also, the feed rate and nozzle velocity can be adjusted to control the thickness of the layer being deposited. KM equipment offers a unique capability, it can be easily switched to a subtractive mode by using abrasive grit instead of the feedstock.



KM additive manufacturing is often performed using a mandrel. For example, when KM equipment is used to manufacture rocket nozzles, as shown in the image above, the feedstock is deposited onto a rotating mandrel with the proper geometry to the desired thickness. The mandrel is then removed after the deposition run.


Kinetic Metallization has also been used to add metal matrix composite stiffening ribs to Aluminum panels. This is an example of using KM to add features, in this case for added strength, to an existing part. Read more...


Below is a short demo courtesy of Iwate Prefectural Industrial Technology Center showing off the ductility and thin cross sections possible with Kinetic Metallization additive manufacturing.



Al-Trans® KM feedstocks are ideal for additive manufacturing. They easily deposit on themselves and have been used to deposit material to over one inch thick.

Ni-Trans feedstocks are used to form components used in extreme operating conditions.